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African Resource specialises in packaging wildlife expertise as engaging, creative events and offers the following services:

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

The planet and its wildlife are in the global spotlight. Considering the Earth and our impact on it has become the obligation of every individual and company. African Resource specialises in bringing the natural world to the business world. By means of a visually enhanced presentation, Megan takes her audience on a virtual safari leaving them inspired and eco-aware, like they've literally stepped out of the office and into the bush.

Speaker - Conferences & Events

Break the monotony of a business conference by bringing the bush into the boardroom. Megan's presentations are ideal as ice-breakers, entertaining 'time-out' events or to keep delegates' partners entertained during conference weekends.

African Resource also offers engaging event evenings centred on a wildlife theme as a function option for corporate occasions. These include dynamic presentations, wildlife photographic art exhibitions and / or specialist beverage tasting.

To view some of contributing artist Amanda Bond-GunningŐs wildlife photographic work see www.genesisroom.com

Expert to Travel

If you're taking the committee or clients to a game lodge, African Resource will enhance and personalise the safari experience. Megan is the perfect compliment to a trip to the bush - skilled naturalist, field guide, hostess and wildlife speaker. Talks can be customised to suit particular topics and all activities integrate with the lodge activities.

Megan is also available to game lodges to provide value-adding talks and events for their guests.

Personalised Context:

  • At home: Where people can enjoy an intimate evening around the dinner table with friends in the comfort of their own homes while African Resource provides the entertainment in the form of the engaging wildlife edutainment product.
  • At your workplace - tourism: African Resource is an excellent value-add for game lodges and other tourist locations. Presentations and eco-edutainment event evenings can be customized according to the needs of clients and / or safari facilities.
  • At your university: African Resource's product is suited to the tertiary education context with regards to field guide and wildlife degree / diploma courses.
  • At your club or society: African Resource will visit relevant societies and clubs and edutain according to customised wildlife topics.
  • At your school: The perfect environmental education tool for school curricula or extramural clubs. Let African Resource inspire appreciation in the younger generations with regards to wildlife and the environment.
Bush Training:

  • African Resource is a dynamic tool that can be applied to the training of individuals wishing to enter the naturalist field or whom are already a part of it, for further enlightenment. This product specifically addresses and explores in-depth species and concept specific topics and is run as a workshop covering a series of modules.
African Resource brings the books alive and understanding can be imparted to listeners through a more interactive approach that includes discussion, visual media and the dissemination of relevant and interesting species / topic accounts. There is a reduced rate for all course participants on the book: "Game Ranger in my Backpack" an interpretative guide to the Lowveld and the perfect compliment to the workshop content. Click here for more on Game Ranger in my Backpack.

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  1. Focus on predators:
    • Lion
    • Hyena
    • Leopard
    • Wild dog
    • Cheetah
    • Jackal
    • Caracal
    • Mongoose
  2. Antelope adaptations:
    • Impala
    • Zebra
    • Wildebeest
    • Eland
    • Kudu
    • Nyala
    • Bushbuck
    • Waterbuck
    • Duiker
    • Steenbok
    • Klipspringer
  3. Birds and Behaviour:
    • Altricial and precotial
    • Bird party
    • Bird song
    • Broodparasites
    • Colour in birds
    • Co-operative breeding
    • Feather hygiene
    • Food and feeding
    • Ground birds
    • Kingfishers
    • Monogamy
    • Nests
    • Nightjars
    • Ostriches
    • Owls
    • Oxpeckers
    • Raptors
    • Symbiotic relationships
    • Vultures
    • Woodpeckers
  4. Pachyderms, primates and pigs:
    • Elephants
    • Hippo
    • Rhino
    • Warthog
    • Baboons
    • Monkeys
  5. Nocturnal niceties:
    • Aardvark
    • Porcupine
    • Genet
    • African Wild Cat
    • Civet
    • Honey badger
    • Scrub hare
    • Bushbaby
  6. Focus on flora:
    • Trees: (see list for tree course)
    • Grass
    • Flowers / small plants
  7. Considering scales: reptiles and frogs
  8. On the hunt for insect information
  9. Stripes and patterns: mechanisms for survival
  10. Particular wildlife places
  11. The value of wildlife
  12. Virtual game drive
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