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"The Trouble with Trees" workshop in the bush is not to be missed if you're someone that loves the wilderness and wants to learn more about it while being immersed in it! Full of vivid presentations, excursions into the wild and hands-on portfolio construction, this tree identification course is like no other!

The Trouble with Trees...is that they can be really confusing and so many people get root-bound trying to learn about them and their ecology. African Resource's weekend workshop will do the trick and unravel the mystery of trees in a simple and fun way. The workshop is packaged as two or three-day weekends at prime locations in the bushveld.

The course includes vibrant presentations on the features of each tree before you head into the bush on a game drive or walk to actually find it and learn more about it. Each participant receives a complimentary copy of "Game Ranger in your Backpack: an all-in-one interpretative guide to the Lowveld" for ease of reference and completes a personal botanical portfolio to take home.

Jann Frames commented on a previous tree workshop:
"I can't even begin to tell you what a fantastic weekend it was. My sister and I have learnt so much. Megan's knowledge and passion for the bush is inspiring and Coll and I came back with a much better understanding of the trees (hopefully we will retain all the facts as well !)"

Click here for a full itinerary and daily schedule.

Locations for the courses include:

Umlani Bush Lodge - Timbavati Private Game Reserve www.umlani.com
Itaga Private Game Lodge - Mabilingwe Game Reserve www.itaga.co.za

Prices vary depending on location, duration and sharing vs. single-supplement rates. The weekend includes all activities, accommodation, food and tuition and ranges between R5500 and R9000. Corporate packages are available as well as the option to arrange a tree weekend at your own venue. Please enquire with megan@africanresource.co.za.

The focus is on the most commonly encountered species. Click here

  • Appleleaf
  • Baobab
  • Black monkey orange
  • Buffalo thorn
  • Bushveld Gardenia
  • Common Star Chestnut
  • Cork bush
  • False marula
  • Guarris
  • Jackalberry
  • Jacketplum
  • Knobthorn
  • Large leaved rock-fig
  • Leadwood
  • Marula
  • Matumi
  • Mopane
  • Nyala tree
  • Raisins
  • Red bushwillow
  • River thorn
  • Rubber Euphorbia
  • Russet bushwillow
  • Shepherds Tree
  • Sicklebush
  • Silver Clusterleaf
  • Spikethorns
  • Sycamore fig
  • Tamboti
  • Tree wisteria
  • Umbrella thornv
  • Velvet corkwood
  • Weeping boerbean
  • Weeping wattle
  • Wild date palm
  • Zebrawood
  • Sausage tree
  • Round leaved teak
  • Torchwood
  • Sjambok pod
  • Fever tree
  • Large fever berry
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