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There is no doubt that wildlife is a popular field of interest and hobby for many South Africans. Some individuals even nurture careers out of their passion for wildlife by working in the safari industry. But while this industry may be a booming one, attracting thousands of international visitors annually, the average interested South African often has limited opportunity to visit game reserves and indulge in learning more about wildlife while engaged in the daily hubbub of city life. African Resource brings a unique wildlife experience to the very doorstep of the modern naturalist offering interactive learning opportunities packaged as an entertaining evening out – another crucial trait of city living.

African Resource offers a refreshing style of eco-edutainment to its patrons. The product which specialises in wildlife expertise and promotes the wildlife photographic-art genre is customisable and packages interactive learning as creative events to suit a myriad client needs. Applications may include (but are not limited to) evenings out for the general public, corporate responsibility initiatives, society and club objectives, home-based events, add-ons to the tourism industry, wildlife industry training and even research / consulting for media productions including television and editorial.

African Resource prides itself in the integrity of the knowledge content it dispatches and aims to provide an informed educational resource and share a passion for wildlife and its conservation with its patrons.

African Resource believes in contributing to the conservation of wildlife and natural systems. As such it partners with and supports credible NGO’s and corporate partners for the furthering of these aims both through exposure / coverage and financial contribution by way of donating a percentage of proceeds generated.

Why Make Us Your Choice?

Experience - Passion - Uniqueness

African Resource brings an experience of the bush and wildlife to the actual doorstep of the city-dweller. Its product is a hot convergence of two essentially opposite environments. Megan is a woman who for over a decade has navigated her way through a traditionally male-orientated vocation and has a unique angle to offer on her subject. This she does with a contagious passion enthralling to all who experience it!

The combination of oestrogen and the ability to use a .375 H&H rifle accurately is surely going to prove interesting!

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