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Game Ranger in your Backpack:

Author: Megan Emmett
Photographer: Sean Pattrick
ISBN: 978-1-920217 -06-8
EXTENT: 352 pages
FORMAT: 240 x 210 mm
Soft cover with gatefolds, full colour, with 1200 photographs

This unique guide is packed with practical, interpretative information on the most commonly encountered animals and plants of the Lowveld - information that is usually only available if you have a game ranger or field guide by your side in the bush!

It teaches people how to observe, identify and interpret what they see in the bush in a meaningful way, without having to wade through the reams of technical information found in most other field guides.

The reader-friendly mind-map layout of the book, with pictures linked to brief but informative text boxes, makes pertinent information accessible at a glance.

Other features include colour-coded chapters for ease of reference, while blocked information and icons in the mammals and trees sections provide technical details in a concise form.

Hundreds of stunning interpretative images, highlighted keywords and a flowchart structure to each spread direct the eye to the different topics on each featured species, allowing the reader to pick out whatever is of interest to him or her.

Game Ranger in your Backpack is an essential companion for amateur naturalists of all descriptions including first-time international visitors to South Africa's bushveld, annual local holidaymakers or aspiring 'game rangers' and naturalists.

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